Onboard Generators

KOHLER Marine Generators - générateurs Marins

Enjoy a stable energy onboard, bringing confort and autonomy.

It is also an indisputable element for your security requiring monitoring, maintenance and repair !
This is why we help you intelligently resize generators adapted to all your expectations. we install carefully, ensuring the specifications of manufacturers, in order to sustain this investment and extend the life of your machines.

Onboard Generators KOHLER: from 5kW to 400kW   

KOHLER generator 150EFOZD

Extensive experience in the provision of household current KOHLER develops for many years efficient generators, well soundproofed. Maintenance costs can be greatly reduced if the conditions of settlements and access are well thought out.

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Marine generators FISCHER PANDA: from 3kW to 48kW

Fischer Panda generator 50kW

Innovative manufacturer, it assembles gensets among the smallest, lightest and quietest in the world! The performance improved significantly since there are fewer moving parts and cooling alternatrice is unique.

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Groupes électrogènes embarqués MASE generator: from 3kW to 40kW

MASE Generator 200kW

Equiped with Yanmar engines with low noise and vibration generators are in cocoons. MASE generators combine practical design with an Italian style. With 14 diesel generators ranging from 2.5 kW to 42.0 kilowatts. The generators are designed and manufactured in Italy.

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On board Generators KILO-PAK: from 30kW to 300kW

KILO-PAK generator  80 kW

Reputation in the supply of power on board of large units, KILO-PAK is a director group recognized in the world of mega-yachts. They assemble efficient generators, well soundproofed powered by John Deere.

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