SEAnergy_Manut. carcan Turbo 4000 pour arbre à cames

Thanks to our HotLine, we are available to help you as soon as possible in the damage encountered into your engines room and implement together the first safety gestures.

Once information collected about engines conditions, waterjets, generators and failures, we secure and resolve causes and its consequences in the shortest time, wherever you are. We daily solve on problems of:

  • Variations in speed, power, charging (injection),
  • Unusual smokes, cooling, pressure, seizure, overheat,
  • Calibration, adjustments, repairs or replacement of turbochargers, injectors, pumps,
  • Mechanical noises, broken, liquid or gas leaks internal as external,
  • Power supplies, frequency-voltage variations,
  • Electronic failures, controllers, monitoring, sensors, alarms (BlueLine, MCS5, SmartVision, displays),
  • Contamination and treatment of oils, fuel,

We have a clear policy on the use of original parts OEM, following the manufacturers recommendations, working with official and partners networks.

Solicited by many manufacturers as MTU we act on your facilities for any warranty service.

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