SEAnergy_rénovation W5_MTU 4000M70

From an equiped workshop, we operate major overhaul on diesel engines, gearboxes, waterjets, on-board generators all power ranges.

We are an effective alternative, economic and technical, to complete, sustainably and in compliance with the rules of art, your machineries overhaul.

Based on approved quote, we respect renowed process as following:

  • Disassembly, inspection, cleaning, additional estimation with reports,
  • Supply OEM parts, repair and machining when possible,
  • Overhaul components (alternators, turbos, intercoolers, injection etc.), electrical and pressure tests,
  • Parameters setting, start-up, empty load trial, bench test comparing initial manufacturer record,
  • Publication of reports, measurement sheets, bench records,


  • Long-term preservation, painting, packing,
  • Logistics management up to commissioning on-site,
  • Store analysis and proposal for your future coming maintenance,
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