SEANERGY_Kamewa 90SII complete overhaul

Industrial engineers, our pragmatic approach by project management guarantees you all the effectiveness of our structure and the right resources to achieve operations jointly defined.

Our skilled engineers and experienced managers are specially assigned and guarantors of the outcome, driving decisive milestones in order to provide you best services in compliance with your expectations and constraints.

  • Refit the facilities and engines rooms of work-boats, yachts, passenger vessels, fast ferries,
  • Modernization of the entire propulsion, generators and associated auxiliaries,
  • Removal, Overhaul/Replacement, install with alignment and resin  of machineries,
  • Engineering exhausts, vibration, fuel consumption, cleaning tanks, maintenance operations,
  • Management of new construction or major refit, from writing specifications to commissioning,

We make you benefit from our expertise, continuously improved by our feedback, we control all parameters and anticipate their influence on the project.

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