SEAnergy_service W4 MTU 4000M90

SEAnergy is a strong partner for your specific needs, your maintenance services on your propulsion drive, main engines, gearboxes, generators, waterjets:

  • Filtration Service, pre-filtration, provision of lubricants, analyzes, traitments,
  •  Adjusting rocker arms, valves clearance,
  •  Control, setting, overhaul injectors, injector pumps,
  •  Renovation of components (pumps, turbochargers, alternators, starters ... ),
  • Endoscopy of cylinders, circuits, displacement and compression test,
  • Non-destructive test, detection of cracks, pressure tests,
  • Traditional alignment and laser, vibration monitoring, resin foundation pouring (certified CHOCKFAST),
  • Sea trials with computerized records of operating parameters (pressures, temperatures ... ),
  • Maintenances required by DNV, LLOYDS, VERITAS, RINA, 5 year class...

We apply all the year maintenance services, streamlined for each of your engines, machineries, taking into account all your requirements.

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