SEAnergy_Maintenance EJP MTU 4000

Through contract or specific visit, Seanergy realizes your services and repairs, on your generators, machineries and equipments, your fire-pumps.

Economic and efficient, we can upgrade services with all the needs identified during our visits and pre-checks:

  • All filtration service, including lubricants, their analysis and treatment,
  • Rocket valves clearance as scheduled or to improve injection,
  • Bench, calibration of injectors and injection pumps,
  • Visit and overhaul pumps, turbochargers, alternators, starters,
  • Baroscopic inspection, cylinder or circuits pressure test,
  • Ultrasonic controls, crack detection,
  • Vibration control, laser alignment,
  • Trials under load with parameters records and analysis (pressure, temperature, exhaust ...)
  • Partial or major overhaul on workshop or on-site.

Mastering products accumulating various and rich experiences, our maintenance contracts or punctual services are based on manufacturer maintenance schedule will be always tailored to your specific machineries.

Private Area, always available for you in our website, may allow you to keep safely records of jobs done and help to track your facilities, real keystone of an optimized maintenance. You can find also selected global documents from manufacturers to share and improve knowledge.

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