SEANERGY_Expertise Installation DEUTZ GEA

Rotating machines, diesel engines, are more and more robust but are also more and more sensitive to a good maintenance, to their environment, to the fuel quality, the exhausts design, cooling circuits, globally their inputs - outputs.

Our business is therefore also to manage for you these complex problems:

  • Install your machines, optimizing maintenance, circuits, environments,
  • Improve your maintenance department by training, store, tools, procedures, documents,
  • Acquisition Survey of your machineries, securing your investment,
  • Value Survey of your machineries, valuing your installation, offering improvement therefore,
  • Technical support during judicial expertise or insurance,

Our master of products and our pedagogy will allow you to assess the functioning conditions, to understand the situation and its challenges, to reach the source of the causes and finally to estimate the consequences.

On all these subjects we bring you our skills, our extensive knowledge of trade, of law, of market, for more safety, more transparency, securing your cases in a full confidence and objectivity.

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